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This is our original pond, picture taken July '99. As you can see the plants are growing VERY well. The parrots feather and water lillies have just about taken over. 0707_001.jpg (62324 bytes)
Same pond, different view. 0707_002.jpg (51956 bytes)
Here it is, the new big hole. Looks a little murky because the day we were filling it poured and there was some dirt washed in. This pond is 9'X9'x2', approximately 1200 gallons. This shot looks down from the upper pond. 0707_003.jpg (61694 bytes)
Same pond, different angle. 0707_004.jpg (65065 bytes)
Here is a side shot of both ponds. The slope of  the yard is very noticable. 0707_005.jpg (60423 bytes)
Two of our water lillies blooming. 0707_006.jpg (62328 bytes)
New pond with some of the plants transferred. Had to move them from the upper pond! 0707_007.jpg (54212 bytes)
Shot from the bottom pond looking upward. You can see the stream/waterfals from here. There are two falls into a small pool filled with stone and water hyacinth & water lettuce. Then it flows though a small stream to a fall into the large pond. 0707_008.jpg (54393 bytes)
Side view of the falls/stream. The small pool filled with stone and water hyacinth & water lettuce will act as a small biological filter. 0707_009.jpg (57679 bytes)
View from the upper pond down the falls into the lower pond. 0707_011.jpg (57268 bytes)
Finally getting some of the stones moved around, looks much better now. 0802_001.jpg (61735 bytes)
Closer shot of the waterfalls. I added a stone bridge to get across. 0802_006.jpg (59453 bytes)
Picture of some of the ponds residents. The large fish are Koi, the rest are comets and goldfish. 0802_002.jpg (54665 bytes)

January/February 2000

Well, we had a mild winter, until now! Within 2 weeks 2 feet of snow fell!

This hole in the snow is my pond de-icer, a tunnel 2 feet down.
Can't even tell there used to be two ponds and a waterfall under there. Can't wait till spring to get ponding again!
Better late than never! Here are some pics of the pond this summer. This is our original pond re-installed. Couldn't just let it sit there with no water. This makes 3 ponds in the backyard.
Here is a shot from the bottom looking up the yard.
Another bottom shot.
This is the skimmer I installed this year. It is a tub sink. The front is cut out with a bracket to hold the liner together and seal it. The bottom drain of the sink goes out into the pond for a bottom drain. The pump is in a basket of gravel in the tub.
Another view of the skimmer.
Plants alongside the pond are growing good!