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    Well, this all started out as a magazine article my wife showed me. I read it and was hooked. Once I showed it to my son Jerry, he was hooked too! It showed how to make a small pond with a half-barrel, add plants and fish, and make your own little eco-system. Since I don't like to do anything small, we decided to go one step up and get a preformed plastic liner and make it a little bigger (50 gallons). 

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 pond1.jpg (18382 bytes)

Here is our 'first' pond. 

This pond used a 50 gallon preformed plastic liner, plastic waterfall, and an old sand filter from a small swimming pool to server the waterfall and act as a biological filter. All was going well with the 16 goldfish and 8 frogs (Jerry caught them and brought them home) until I realized we would have fishsicles when winter came unless I brought them into the house.
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Thats when it started.............The pond gets bigger!!!!

Click on the pictures below for a larger version.

A 5 foot diameter hole, 2 feet deep, with a shelf around the edge 1 foot wide. I had to level the yard because the slope was about 14" off from the top.

pond_hole.jpg (64307 bytes)

The liner in place filling with water (approx 300 gallons). You can see a lower shelf on the left hand bottom side. We put this in to hold plants which don't go in the deeper water.

pond_filling.jpg (55920 bytes)

I've heard people say if you put a pond in, the wildlife will be attracted to it. Not sure about the wildlife, but Jerry likes it!

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Here's that wildlife again..:) You can see the rocks sitting on the shelf, these will be partially submerged to give an area for the frogs to hide.

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Are we done yet dad, this is hard work!

pond-relaxing.jpg (57228 bytes)

Here is the 'almost' completed pond. complete with fountain/biological filter, Parrots Feather, and Water Hyacinths. It just needs some more stones and landscaping. You can also see the fence to keep out the little guy, Tyler.

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This is one of the pond's residents, Big Green, resting on a rock next to the Parrots Feather.

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12/30/98, our first snowfall. We had some cold weather, but this is the first snow.It was a bit too cold, so we had to get a pond de-icer. There was about 2" of ice on the pond one morning, frozen solid, even with the pumps running.

1230_001.jpg (59277 bytes)

De-icer plugged in and running keeps the pond ice-free.

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It was a lot of work, but we all had fun doing it!

  The fish wintered well after adding the de-icer, nobody went fin-up on me!
But spring '99 is here, nothing else to do but make it bigger!!!!!

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